10 Fanny Pack Recommendations
Photography via ImaxTree

Go Hands-Free With Our Favourite Fanny Packs

By now we know that the fanny pack is back, but it’s looking like it might also be here to stay.

Belt bags have been making their return over the past few years, using the festival circuit as a vehicle to creep back into public favour. But it’s their style evolution that’s at the centre of their lasting success. From humble beginnings as simple catch-all storage bags, fanny packs have transformed into statement pieces that can be worn on almost any occasion (not just Coachella).

At the Spring 2018 shows many designers accessorized with these hip-huggers. Fenty x Puma and Marc Jacobs exhibited more classic, sporty versions of the look, but dressier styles have also been born from what was once the epitome of casual dress.

Designers are taking note of the building demand to go hands-free, and now, there’s a fanny pack for almost anyone. If you’ve been on the fence — reluctant to invest in what seems like a polarizing trend — it’s time you jumped on board. To get started, check out some of our top picks below.