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10 Early ’00s Fashion Trends That Could Make a Comeback in 2017

The '90s are sooooo last year.

2016 saw the rebirth of all our favourite (and least favourite) ‘90s trends: slip dresses, crop tops, chokers and visible Calvin Klein underwear to name just a few. Whether it was on the catwalk, or on your favourite Kardashian’s insta feed, iconic 1990s trends were popping up everywhere and on everyone.

But now it’s 2017. And new years are all about looking forward. We (along with a certain Jenner sister!) are looking into the next decade of fashion trends for our throwback inspiration. Cringing already? Us too. But there comes a time when the horrors of our not-so-distant past stop making us squirm and slowly start reappearing in our wardrobes.

You may remember the early 2000s for its gel pens, razor scooters and obsession with all things Avril Lavigne. This is the era that gave us Mean Girls, Wikipedia, The O.C., YouTube and Beyoncé (as a solo artist). It was a time when we boldly lined our lips and strutted proudly in our leggings and UGG boots.

Feeling nostalgic yet? Don’t worry, because here are 10 ’00s trends we might be seeing more of in 2017.

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