Dispatches from Milan: Butterscotch leather at Ferré, chatting with Rachel Zoe, and a bowl of spaghetti rosa

GIANFRANCO FERRÉ Fall 2010. Photography by Peter Stigter

Packed about 3 days worth of shows and re-sees into today so forgive me if I’m a bit loopy! One thing’s for sure– jet lag is a luxury I can’t afford to indulge in, but my bed is calling me so here are just  a few morsels before I call it a day:

Cranky buyers and editors are  complaining bitterly  about the (even) shorter Milan schedule–its actually nuts, even for a fashion crazed high-energy type-A like me!

From early-morning dominatrixes at Dsquared, all the way through to futuristic tartans at  Jil Sander tonight,  it was run run run. I think next season I’ll need a chopper.

Highlights were red lips and butterscotch lean leathers at Gianfranco Ferré, fur-trimmed princess coats at Alberta Ferretti, motocross and mirrors at Versace. And  did I mention the modern take on tartan at Jil Sander?

Ran into hair wiz John Donato, in town to help  Oribe with hair at Emporio Armani (short punky wigs). Thanked him profusely for my new keratin hair treatment (the good-for-your-hair straightening process that has changed my life and which I promise to blog about one of these days soon. You won’t believe the before and after!).

Caught up with Rachel Zoe at the Bulgari cocktail (where I caught the briefest glimpse of gorgeous Julianne Moore). Zoe tells me she’s here to pick Oscar  looks for next week, and trust me, there is no shortage of winning red carpet looks just from Friday’s show’s alone. Ferretti, Ferré and Versace all had spectacularly modern choices I pray I see on someone next Sunday night!

Finally, it was off to my favorite neighborhood haunt for my beloved spaghetti rosa. I’m determined to get the recipe this season if its the last thing I do! Having turned über-blogger Tommy Ton onto it last season, I wasn’t surprised to see him tucking into a bowl with fellow blogger Susie Bubble. Now it’s one a.m. and I’m blogging from my bed. Still buzzing and (ugh) wide awake!

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