cool sweaters
Photography via IMAXTREE

16 Cool Sweaters to Elevate Your Video Meeting Style

Pants are optional.

This whole work-from-home life has left us a little sartorially confused. Do we wear pajamas all day long? Should we be taking a leaf from Carrie Bradshaw’s book and dressing up a little more? At this point, we say go with whatever helps make you feel most productive. Though may we suggest that the humble sweater skillfully toes the line between both of the above extremes? Comfortable, but also undeniably cool, this wardrobe staple is the unsung hero of video meetings. Opt for pieces in a bright colour, or with statement sleeves and bold prints for added impact – take a leaf out of David Rose’s sweater playbook and you can’t go wrong. Here, see our round-up of 16 cool sweaters to wear during your next video meeting:

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