The Best Loungewear to Keep You Comfortable While Working from Home

Elastic waistbands welcome!

While working from home (or WFH) may no longer require a business casual dress code, there’s still some value in getting dressed and feeling fresh. We’re all for a pair of pyjamas for sick days but as we face the reality of many more WFH days, might we suggest opting for fashionable loungewear that still incorporates elastic waistbands and look stylish? Drawstrings and hoodies don’t have to go anywhere when luxe fabrics like cashmere and silk are part of the equation. Cozy separates or co-ordinated pieces help us find comfort in being at home and special details like ruffles or tailoring take relaxed fashion up a notch. Try thinking of casual wear as an outfit rather than picking up the first thing on top of the pile or whatever you’ll wear for your at-home workout later.

Look and feel fabulous in our top 15 picks for what to wear at home while working from home:

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