Cheetos capsule collection
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When Snack Food Meets Style: Cheetos Is Designing a Capsule Collection

No joke.

Funny food collabs are a thing.

A Subway sandwich-inspired dress? Sure, why not. A taco-themed coat? We can get behind that. But I don’t think we could have predicted that a Cheetos “Snack Line” would be next.

Chester Cheetah has teamed up with Betabrand (a Kickstarter for clothing companies) to have fans vote on their fave Cheetos-inspired pieces. The Parasol Pocket (yes, a parasol) is leading the votes. It’s got hidden pouches all along the inside for easy-to-access snacking. Other items include The Sound Muffling Muffler (for sneaky snack attacks), The Lapkins pants which feature tear-off napkins for hand wiping, a leopard print Snackscot and lace-trimmed Snacking Gloves so you never have to worry about orange fingers giving you, and your appetite, away again.  The most popular pieces will go on to the crowdfunding phase before the winners are announced.

Excuse us while we go grab a snack.