Hayley Elsaesser Coat Taco Bell
Photography via Instagram/TacoBell

Hayley Elsaesser Designs a Winter Coat Inspired by Taco Bell

It has insulated utility pockets to keep your tacos warm!

Do you hate cold weather, and hate cold tacos even more?

If so, you’re in luck. Hayley Elsaesser has teamed up with Taco Bell to create the “TaCoat”, for the tastiest collab since Moschino‘s McDonald’s inspired iPhone case.

We caught up with Toronto-local Elsaesser to talk about her quirky collaboration with everyone’s favourite Mexican inspired fast-food chain.

How did the collaboration with Taco Bell come about? 

“Taco Bell approached me and wanted to do a fun collaboration that was like nothing they’ve ever done before. The aim was to keep Canadians warm this winter, so we launched an exclusive TaCoat – the first ever winter coat inspired by Taco Bell’s iconic Crunchy Taco! The love fans have for Taco Bell inspired us to do something different and we wanted to create a quirky coat to keep the ultimate taco fan warm this winter by partnering with me to bring the vision to life! Given that I maintain the same passion for fun, bold choices as Taco Bell they thought I’d be a perfect fit.”

Why did you decide to make a winter coat?

“We wanted to create a great piece that fit the season, with the purpose of keeping Canadians warm throughout the winter.”

What was the inspiration behind the design of this coat? 

“We wanted something that would be fun and wearable, and can be used for a purpose. I brought my brand to the table and made the TaCoat street-inspired.”

Was the insulated utility pocket really designed to keep a taco toasty?

“The insulated utility pockets are perfect for anything you want to keep warm, but reserving it for your tacos was the inspiration behind the design.”

When it comes to tacos, what ingredients are your must-haves? Any hard and fast no-gos? 

“I love cheese, avocado and chicken on my Tacos. Not a big fan of onions.”

How many TaCoats will you produce?

“There are two TaCoats that we created. One will be given away to a lucky Taco Bell superfan in the near future!”

Keep your eyes peeled on Taco Bell Canada‘s Facebook page for the chance to get your hands on a TaCoat of your very own.