Charlottetown: A model of local style

Photography by Patrick Callbeck
Photography by Patrick Callbeck

I’ve been writing FASHION’s Charlottetown blog for one year, and this is (sadly) my final post. When I began this bi-weekly blog, I did so with the intention of showcasing the talented and independent designers, musicians, and models who reside in my favourite part of the great white north. While perusing my clippings I realized that I had yet to interview any hometown models. My last blog is dedicated to Ellen Connaughton, a nineteen-year-old who’s modeled for nearly all of the independent artists that I have written about and who defines and understands what it means to work in fashion on the East Coast.

You’ve modelled for a lot of names on the Charlottetown scene–Senses salon, Talent PEI, Love Charlie, Overman, Sunsets on the Eastside, Kinza Mae Baker and The Green Man Vintage & Vinyl among them. What’s your favourite thing about the job?
“To me, modelling is an emotional art form. I feel like I’m communicating a hidden message through my body language and facial expressions. Unlike actors, I have only one frame to truly portray something.”

What do you think separates East Coast fashion from the rest of Canada?
“I think what separates us is the fact that most of our designers are full of surprises–their work is never held back by current fashion trends. It is always apparent that East Coast designers put a lot of blood and sweat into their work, solely for the reason to create and impress…not to make money.”

You’re moving to Toronto in September. Do you hope to pursue modelling there?
“I’m transferring to University of Toronto to continue my studies in English and philosophy. I would love to continue modelling, but it will be a lot harder for me in such a big city. I’m a very petite girl, so I may have to stick to the independent designers and pro bono work. I’m going to try my best to bring my East Coast sensibilities to whatever I do.”

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