Charlottetown: Wolf vs. bird, a fashion showdown

My friends always argue about which of these dresses, wolf vs. bird, is the most fantastic, and while a verdict is rarely reached, everyone seems to agree that these two dresses are the Lennon and McCartney of the local fashion scene.

The wolf and bird dress can be seen out dancing, writing and waxing poetic on any given night of the week. They have a love/hate relationship, never fail to impress and are always being worn in innovative and unique ways. Like Lennon and McCartney, everyone picks a side. You can’t be a wolf- and bird-dress person. You’re either romantic and sweet, or you’re edgy and raw.

If you are a bird-dress person, then you are a Paul person. The dress is royal blue, simply constructed and features a ten-inch silky fringe that hangs from the neck, offset by two small doves with white wings on each side. This Bird dress would write soft laments like Yesterday, hint at nostalgia and ooze romance. It’s a date dress.

If you are a wolf dress person, then you are a John person. It’s a super-short dancing dress with a graphic print and space-age collar. This dress would tease new meanings out of the English language, take psychedelic drugs and stay up late with the wrong crowd. It’s a bar dress.

Both frocks were designed by the amazing Kinza Mae Baker, and were (to me) the highlights of her most recent collection. Ms. Baker’s creations always make me think of rock and roll, and seem to take centre stage wherever they are worn. Her designs can be found at The Green Man Vintage and Vinyl (48 University Ave., 902-566-1361), and this blog will feature an interview with this super talent in the very near future.

UPDATE: Vote for your favourite here!

Photography by Tristan Gray

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