Photography via Instagram/@CelineDion

Celine Dion’s Summer Tour Style Is (Once Again) Next-Level

If you, like me, are are under 30 and grew up in Quebec, then Celine Dion’s music – both her English and French tunes – are a huge part of the soundtrack to your life. (And before you ask, yes, she does have some pretty iconic French songs.) If some people forgot about the singer after the success of My Heart Will Go On, we certainly didn’t. Dion is a huge part of the Quebec cultural scene : she’s a road trip companion, a source of pride, an emblem of hope for many French Canadian artists and really just a musical force that unites all generations.

When Law Roach became her stylist in 2016, Celine Dion evolved from musical icon to fashion icon. During last summer’s tour, the singer’ outfits stole the show every time she left her hotel. Playing dress up in haute couture garments for Vogue cemented her new status as a trend setter. The workaholic singer is now taking a break from her Las Vegas residency, only to spend her summer touring and, so far, she continues to pull off the wildest outfits imaginable, from a banana yellow suit to a full sequinned tracksuit look.