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Why is Céline Dion Suddenly So Cool?


Who’d have thought that 20 years after the release of Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On (arguably the best movie soundtrack ever), we’d still be talking about Céline Dion? I’m not sure I did.

But it appears that the Quebecois chanteuse’s cultural comeback is confirmed and Canadians are loving it. This year alone she’s appeared in the front row at Paris Fashion Week, performed at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards and appeared in a series of designer parody ads by Scottish artist REILLY. Which leads me to ask, why the Céline Dion renaissance?

I’d always thought of Dion as a bit of an outdated Canadian superstar, one of the rare performers from a pre-Bieber and Drake era who managed to go mainstream internationally. However, after seeing photos of her posing naked for VogueRunway and killing it in couture on the streets of Paris, I was forced to rethink my initial position.

Take a peek at Dion’s Instagram and not only will you see her in some enviable designer duds, but girlfriend can strike a pose. Whether she’s performing onstage, walking a red carpet, or just strolling down the street, she always looks perfectly put-together. Much of that has to do with the work of celebrity stylist Law Roach, who Dion contacted after googling: “Who is Zendaya’s stylist?”.

They’ve been working together ever since and we’ve been blessed with major street style inspo like this.

Dion has certainly had her share of hardships which makes her comeback all the more impressive. In 2016, her husband and manager René Angélil passed away after a long battle with cancer.

To help her children process the event, Dion used the Disney movie Up to teach her children about grief. She had them write messages of love to their father and attached them to helium balloons they could release into the sky. “Fashion, fame, celebrity…all of this,” she shared with VogueRunway. “It’s just for fun. It doesn’t mean anything. There are more important things: children, family, the world.”

It’s refreshing to see someone like Céline regain the public’s attention, especially in a time where celebrity offspring and social media star reign supreme. Whether it’s her warm personality, her impeccable sense of style, or her undeniable talent this 49-year old singer is proving there is much more to relevance and popularity than age or gene pool.

Although I may not be calling myself a fan just yet, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the Canadian icon that is Céline Dion.

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