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Is Anyone Thriving More Than Anne Hathaway Right Now?

"Are you wearing the—" "Valentino head-to-head sequins? Yeah, I am."

Anne Hathaway is flourishing at the moment and after years of being dragged for just being herself, it’s heartening to see. January hasn’t even wrapped and Hathaway has already hit up Paris couture fashion week, danced like no one was watching after the Valentino show, and been an après-ski queen at Sundance.

And it’s not like Anne Hathaway even needed some kind of comeback tour. After the exquisitely chic year she had in 2022 — has anyone even recovered from this Valentino Barbiecore moment? — it’s safe to say the Hathahaters have been silenced. In fact, here she is dancing on the graves of her enemies:

@kerosenne Suddenly I See @Anne Hathaway #annehathaway #paris #valentino #maisonvalentino #devilwearsprada ♬ son original – Kerrosene

Just kidding, she’s cutting an absolute rug at the Valentino Spring 2023 haute couture show after-party in Paris, shimmying with her newly salt and pepper-haired husband Adam Shulman after attending the fashion show in a sparkly animal print ensemble and oodles of confidence.

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OK, meow Annie! Where did that smize come from? We don’t know and we don’t care, somebody get this girl a Vogue cover, stat.

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The day before the Princess Diaries star became a couture queen, the actor touched down in Paris wearing a chapeau that would make one Andrea Sachs quake in her (borrowed) Chanel boots. A newsboy cap? In the year of our lord 2023? When worn with her newfound DGAF attitude and classic pieces like a cream knit and navy military coat, it works.

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But don’t dust off your The Devil Wears Prada DVD just yet. Just days before that, Hathaway managed to make a *puffer coat* sexy at the Sundance Film Festival, wearing a corseted black Versace parka to the premiere of Eileen in Park City, Utah. Andy Sachs could never.

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Underneath her parka, Hathaway revealed a textured black mini-dress with spaghetti straps and lingerie-inspired detailing at the back. That, my friends, is what they call range.

The most captivating thing about 2023 Anne Hathaway isn’t even about how she looks (don’t get us wrong, she looks beautiful). It’s about how she seems — happy, carefree, self-assured, comfortable in her skin and positively feeling herself. And isn’t that the best revenge?

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