Photography Courtesy of Hillberg & Berk

Ashley Callingbull Looks Incredible in This Jewellery Campaign

The model and activist stars in Hillberg & Berk's fall campaign

Ashley Callingbull, the winner of 2015’s Miss Universe pageant, is our favourite professional pretty person. Besides being Zoolander-level ridiculously good-looking, the Alberta-born activist uses her platform to speak out on issues affecting Indigenous Canadians and takes calls from the likes of Justin Trudeau who look for her advice. N0w she’s showing off her modelling chops in the new Hillberg & Berk fall jewellery campaign. In the photos, she’s dripping in bling while smiling serenely in front of a sunset, as well as serving looks in a more urban cityscape. The Regina-based jewellery brand gained mass attention earlier this year when the Queen wore a sapphire snowflake brooch during Donald Trump‘s state visit to Britain that some interpreted as sending secret anti-Trump messages through her jewellery.

“The first time Hillberg & Berk approached me to be the face of the campaign, I was honestly excited because you never see any Indigenous women being the face of a jewellery campaign. But I wanted to know more about the organization itself before I said yes,” Callingbull says.

Not only did the brand sufficiently impress Callingbull, they also created an opportunity for her to meet and mentor a group of young Indigenous women. “A lot of these girls don’t get to do anything. They were able to experience sparkle, leave their homes and spend time with me,” the model says.

“I whole-heartedly wanted to be a part of everything this company represents. It stands for so much more than looking good in jewellery. It’s a really a ripple effect of change and empowerment.”

A stunning activist as a model and a philanthropic message? Count us in.

View the campaign below.