Allbirds x Jeff Staple tree dasher

Allbirds and Jeff Staple Partner on an “Inside-Out” Sneaker

Very sustainable and very, very comfortable shoe/apparel brand Allbirds has partnered with creative sneaker legend Jeff Staple to design an “inside-out version” of the Tree Dasher. The carbon footprint number, normally found on the bottom of all Allbirds shoes, is featured prominently on the side of the Staple sneaker.

“In this urgent climate crisis, the need to make environmentally sound choices is more important than ever,” said Staple in a statement. “This design decision was made to not only educate the consumers on sustainable practices, but also encourage them to seek out this information in every aspect of their lives and make more responsible decisions that will inevitably affect our planet. And PS: It looks dope!”

In case you need a refresher: a carbon footprint is the measurement of all the greenhouse gases, like methane and carbon dioxide, emitted to create a product, converting into CO2. 

The average carbon footprint for an Allbirds shoe is 7.6 carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, which is equivalent to the emissions emitted by charing 967 smartphones, drying five loads of laundry or driving 30 kilometres. The footprint for this shoe is 9.2 kg CO2e.

The Allbirds x Jeff Staple collection will also include his take on the Trino tube socks. Both the socks and the Tree Dashers will feature Staple’s trademark Pigeon design. See the collection below.

Allbirds x Jeff Staple Shoe
Allbirds x Jeff Staple Tree Dasher ($200) at


Closeup of Allbirds shoe
Closeup of Allbirds shoe with carbon footprint visible 
Allbirds x Jeff Staple socks
Allbirds Staple Sock ($20) at