Why Sheet Masks Should Be Your Excuse for a Little Me-Time

These nourishing masks offer a break from the stress of the daily grind.

Women work hard, both on and off the clock. From demanding jobs to packed social calendars, it can be difficult to find time to set aside for yourself. As hard as it can be to say no to after-work drinks or event invites, sometimes you just need to stay in.

Use the dip in temperature as an excuse to cancel plans and focus on self-care instead—and there’s no better place to start than with your skin. Winter is notoriously hard on our bodies, but something as small as a 15-minute sheet mask could replenish the moisture that this season has stripped from the skin. Here are a few reasons you should make time for these hydration powerhouses this winter.

There’s a mask for every skin type

No matter your skin type, there’s a sheet mask soulmate out there for you. The Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb sheet masks are some of their best on the market; not only does each mask contain half a bottle of serum, but there are also six formulas for a variety of skin needs.

Choose the lavender anti-fatigue mask for tired skin, the purifying charcoal and algae mask for an unbalanced complexion, the mattifying green tea mask for pore reduction or the hydrating pomegranate mask for an added moisture boost. If you’re feeling stressed or have troubled skin, go for the soothing mask with chamomile. If you’ve been too hard on your skin lately and need a reboot, pick the glow-boosting mask with sakura flower extract. Plus, each of the six formulas are infused with hyaluronic acid—an ingredient known for its ability to retain a large amount of water.

They give you a moment to yourself

Even if your days are packed with meetings and engagements, it’s important to pen yourself into your calendar. Make it a part of your nightly routine to set aside time for a bath and a mask to help yourself unwind. Or, if you’re a morning person, give yourself extra time to mask while enjoying your morning tea or coffee.

Maybe you have a hard time with daily routines or your schedule is so hectic you don’t even know what’s going on tomorrow, let alone next week. If this is the case, pick one day of the week and let that evening be yours to mask and chill. Get your mask, your drink of choice and the latest season of your favourite show ready and let the relaxation begin.

They’re low commitment (and low cost)

To use the Moisture Bomb mask, just apply the white tissue side to a clean face and remove the outer blue film. Find your happy place—whether it’s on the couch or in the bath—and settle in to let it do its work. Sheet masks stay securely on your face, meaning you can do some chores or even a little baking. After 15 minutes, remove the mask and rub any excess serum into your skin.

Most face masks are an affordable way to target specific skin problems, but the Moisture Bomb sheet masks take this affordability to a new level at just $3.99 each—making them a low-risk (and high-reward) purchase. You can pick one up at your local drug store or online.

On trend for a reason, sheet masks pack a punch of moisture and nourishment that makes quick work of improving your skin—and your relationship with yourself. So the next time someone asks what you’re doing on a weekday night, just be honest and say: “Sorry, I have an important date.”

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