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Photography courtesy of the Weinstein Company
Photography courtesy of the Weinstein Company

By Emily Burke

We’re still buzzing about My Week With Marilyn, the newly released film starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, a great film based on the actress’ time in London while filming The Prince and the Showgirl during the 1950s. Williams is a premier indie darling, famed for her heartbreaking (and Oscar nominated) roles in Blue Valentine and Brokeback Mountain. Toss her into any indie flick and ask her to play the hardened but sympathetic beauty, and her many admirers will eat it up. She carries herself as a serious woman with a sharp mind. She is absolutely sexy, but it’s hard to separate that sex appeal from her innocent intellect or her pixie cut and teensy frame. Reviews of her performance as Marilyn have been split between raves and criticisms, and we wonder whether another Hollywood It girl might have suited the role a bit better. Who do you think suits the role of Marilyn Monroe best?

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