TIFF 2013: The full list of the stars coming to town (plus, how we may embarrass ourselves in front of them)

TIFF 2013 Stars Coming
TIFF 2013 Stars Coming

It’s here! After about a month of speculation since the Toronto International Film Festival first announced its roster of films, a list of attendees has been released through the festival’s Pinterest page and it’s A-list enough to get your stalking senses tingling. We ain’t even going to try to hide the fact that we become extraordinary (but elegant) creeps during TIFF, so without further ado, here’s our game plan for approaching the biggest and best stars at TIFF 2013.

The A-lister we’ll keep asking, “you work on commission, right?” until we get a LOL:
Julia Roberts

The megastars we’ll just puddle in front of:
Meryl Streep
Isabella Rossellini
Glenn Close
Jessica Lange

The classic hotties we’ll start sweating around:
Michael Fassbender
Taylor Kitsch
Chris Hemsworth
Jude Law
Hugh Jackman
Clive Owen
Zac Efron

The not so classic hotties we’ll think we have a chance with:
Benedict Cumberbatch
Jesse Eisenberg
James McAvoy
Jack Huston
Mark Ruffalo
Paul Dano
Adam Driver
Thomas Haden Church
Anton Yelchin
John Hawkes

The stars that won’t remember us but we’ll be all like “hey girl!” to:
Kristen Wiig
Michael Fassbender
Marion Cotillard

The TIFF repeats that have previously escaped our grasp, BUT NOT THIS TIME:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Keira Knightley
James Franco
Nicole Kidman
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mila Kunis

The ingénues we’ll bond with over Rodarte:
Dakota Fanning
Saoirse Ronan
Zoe Kazan
Mia Wasikowska
Felicity Jones

The guys we’ll try to force a Wayne’s World reunion out of:
Mike Myers
Alice Cooper

The Brits we’ll think will laugh at the really current mention of “nappy” (they won’t):
Colin Firth
Emma Thompson
Liam Neeson

The ladies we are ridiculously excited to meet, and hope don’t catfight:
Kate Winslet
Rebecca Hall

America’s sweethearts we’ll try to sic some CanCon on:
Jennifer Aniston
Reese Witherspoon
Sandra Bullock
Matthew McConaughey
Jennifer Garner

The Canadians that we’ll try everything but CanCon with:
Keanu Reeves
Jay Baruchel

The stunning creatures we’d just pet if we have the chance:
Scarlett Johansson
Jessica Chastain
Thandie Netwon

The FASHION cover girls we go way back with (just kidding):
Olivia Wilde
Hailee Steinfeld

The guys we’ll make really lame-o wizard jokes around cause why not:
Daniel Radcliffe
Ralph Fiennes
Alan Rickman

The comedians we’ll make laugh, or try reaaally hard to:
Amy Poehler
Zach Galifinakis
Owen Wilson
Julia Louise Dreyfuss
Jason Bateman
Will Forte

The musicians we’ll feel more TIFF seasoned than:
Adam Levine

Embarrassed for us yet? Stay tuned for the full TIFF 2013 shtick when the festival hits town on September 5.

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