Royal wedding countdown: Day 23

Photography by Anirudh Koul
Photography by Anirudh Koul

Visiting London anytime soon, and looking to indulge your royal curiosity, or simply looking to snoop? We did some of our own, and found some of the princess-to-be’s favourite hotspots.

How does Kate maintain that glossy mane of chocolate brown waves? She sees ‘couture hair, bespoke beauty’ hairstylist Richard Ward in Sloane Square, along with sis Pippa and mum Carole.

Where does Kate go when she wants to grab a burger (future princesses⎯they’re just like us!)? The Ebury, in Chelsea. Kate has also been known to frequent Bluebird which specializes in upscale comfort food, and is also home to a boutique full of Marni, Phillip Lim and Alaia.

If 2.5 billion people were going to be watching our wedding, you can bet that we’d want to get a little exercise into our routine before the big day. Kate sweats it out at the Harbour Club in Chelsea⎯where the sign-up fees are a measly $3,500.

While Kate hasn’t been doing too much partying since the engagement, in her wilder days she was known to hit hot spots including Boujis, where and Mahiki, a tiki bar in Mayfair, where her soon-to-be-husband reportedly ran up a $17,000 tab after one of their break-ups. When planning Kate’s ‘hen party’, her sister Pippa made reservations at a few of her favourite spots⎯Eighty-Six in West London, and Public in Chelsea. The royal couple has also been spotted in London’s Chinawhite, and the Whisky Mist.

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