Can You Find the “Easter Eggs” in Lorde’s New Music Video?

The hunt is on.

Lorde (our September cover girl!) dropped the music video for her song “Perfect Places” yesterday. In it, the 19-year-old singer walks on a beach, swims in a subtropic waterfall, and cuts through high grass with a machete in a Jacquemus hat. The places she goes are, in a word, perfect. (And the outfits are pretty on point too.)

But that’s not all! There’s more to this video than enviable high fashion and escapist landscapes.

Woah things just got interesting. At fist, people assumed Lorde’s “Easter eggs” were metaphorical.

So an Easter egg is like a sweet, colourful little surprise hidden for fans? Let the hunt begin.

First find: Lorde swings from a tree. To the most devoted Lorde listeners, this scene appeared to be a visual pun on “Swinging Party,” the Replacements song she covered back in 2013.

Second spotting: a visual reference to lyrics from Lorde’s song “Sober II.”

Third…wait maybe, just maybe, Lorde’s talking about ~*literal*~ Easter eggs?

This might just be the most aesthetically pleasing scavenger hunt we’re ever been on.

Watch “Perfect Places” below, and see if you can spot an Easter egg of your own.

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