What We Learned from Kylie Jenner’s Trailer of her Reality Show Series, Life of Kylie

"...everybody thinks they know you...but they don't."

Just when we thought we’d reached our limit of Kardashian-Jenner everything, the youngest one is giving us more with her new docu-series, Life of Kylie. Today she released the mini-trailer via her Twitter account, and amid the closeups and descriptors (“175+ Million Followers,” “Beauty Mogul,” “Pop Culture Icon”) she offers a few quotes about what we can expect.

“When you grow up on camera, everybody thinks they know you…but they don’t,” she says.

She continues, “Nobody has a perfect life, but now I can find what is really going to make me happy.”

The 19-year-old is among the most scrutinized of the clan for her business, Kylie Cosmetics (she’s been accused of repackaging and reselling old Lip Kits, among other issues), and countless sites and publications have debated about her body transformation, quickly attributing it to unnatural causes, like plastic surgery.

But perhaps all of that will soon be put to rest, when we see the *real* Kylie up close and personal. (Fingers crossed.)

However, Kylie is not only gaining attention for this series but also for her recent shoot for Flaunt, which garnered attention when she appeared as a Barbie. She captioned one Instagram photo “Life in plastic it’s fantastic,” possibly poking fun at her critics or simply quoting the famous Aqua lyric.

Though the 30-second trailer doesn’t reveal much, she does hint that there’s more to her than meets the eye: “There’s an image I have to keep up with, then there’s me, Kylie.”

The 8-show series is set to air on July 6 on E Network. Watch the trailer below.