Photography via Instagram/kyliecosmetics

Kylie Jenner Is Being Accused of Repackaging and Reselling Old Lip Kits

The proof is in the swatches.

Another day, another Kylie Cosmetics controversy.

After receiving flack from customers for her chemical-smelling peach eye shadow palette, Kylie Jenner is now being accused of repackaging an old lip kit and selling it as a new shade, all while jacking the price tag up.

The colour in question is Blitzen, a limited-edition shade from the 19-year-old beauty mogul’s holiday collection. However, many customers are noticing Blitzen looks strikingly similar to Spice, a colour in Kylizzle’s main collection. While Spice costs $29 with the lip liner, Blitzen was sold for $45 in a four-piece holiday set.

As one Twitter user notes, Spice is described as a “deepened raspberry-plum,” while Blitzen was supposedly a “warmer version of spice.” However, you can see in her swatches (both wet and dry) that the two shades look virtually the same.

This latest scandal comes after numerous other Kylie Cosmetics complaints including frayed lip gloss wand applicators and lower-quality product reformulations. Jenner has also been accused of copying ads, product packaging designs and formulas for her cosmetic products.

So far, Kylie hasn’t said anything regarding the similarities between Blitzen and Spice, but judging from her previous track record of addressing these controversies, we should expect to be hearing something soon.