Photography by Ryan Emberley

This Celeb-Filled Muskoka Dock Party Raised $200,000 for Victims of Sex-Trafficking

If there’s one thing we Canadians love most about the summer, it’s the weekends we spend at the cottage. Whether you’re with friends, family or on a solo retreat, submersing yourself in nature’s best makes for a perfect getaway. Even Hollywood’s finest have caught the Canadian cottage bug: from Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel to Tom Hanks, some of our favourite celebs from south of the border spend the summer season flying their private planes to their private islands in Muskoka.

This past weekend, a few familiar faces gathered for a dockside party in support of great cause. Fundraising initiatives started at the crack of dawn on July 14th for the HARTCycle to #STOPTRAFFICK in beautiful Muskoka. A Baldwin brother, a Dragon and the biggest supermodel of all time were all in attendance, partying under the sun with live music from Canada’s very own The Sam Roberts Band and a DJ from the all-female booking agency LUXELIFE SOUND.

HART is a Toronto based organization that donates to Victim Services York Region, a non-profit agency that works in partnership with York Regional Police and the O.P.P. to provides support to survivors of sex-trafficking in the Greater Toronto Area. The generous donations through the I Hart Muskoka event will support survivors through critical services— including shelter, counselling, rehabilitation, transportation, drug treatment, and other medical support not covered through government programs—and allow the organization to combat sex trafficking in the GTA, where 60% of Canadian cases of trafficking occur.

Here’s a peek at what went down inside the event:

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