Yellow Eyeshadow is This Summer’s Biggest Makeup Trend


A quick Google search of the phrase “move over, millennial pink” yields over—ready for this?—16 million results. The colour that allegedly takes its place is varied (some sites say lilac, some red, and there are even mentions of lime green), but the overwhelming majority have dubbed yellow the new It colour. And unlike millennial pink’s very specific hue, all types of yellow are welcome, whether it’s mustard, neon, pastel, or Gen-Z Yellow a term Man Repeller has assigned to a wide range of the sunny shade.

“Yellow offers a bright, sobering respite from the barrage of over-saccharine bubblegum. Just like millennial pink, Gen-Z Yellow is not one particular shade, but rather several shades, from buttercream to melted butter and beyond,” writes Man Repeller.

And so, over the last year we’ve watched our Instagram feed slowly and gradually morph from a familiar candy-coloured shade to its current sun-drenched state. Now that yellow has solidified itself as the colour of Summer ’18 (many thanks to Amal Clooney for that), it’s even being invited to a place it’s rarely ventured in the past: the makeup community.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to wear yellow makeup, which, as it turns out, is actually quite versatile. Who knew?

Mellow ?

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