Time for a tune up

How many of these apply to you?

1. You carry an oversized, overstuffed purse every day, and always wear it on the same shoulder.

2. You frequent the gym for cardio and weights, but skimp on the full-body stretching in favour of running home to catch the newest episode of Lost.

3. You wear adorable yet totally unsupportive ballet flats all day and then switch to covetable, taxi-to-table heels after dark.

If you identify with any of these posture-ravaging scenarios, chances are you find yourself with a crick in your neck and an achy lower back more often than you’d care to admit. Perhaps it’s time for a tune up. Pay a visit to the recently opened Back In Tune Chiropractic (99 Crown’s Lane, 3rd Floor, Toronto, 416-960-5656, backintune.drblessyl.com) in leafy Summerhill, and the lovely Dr. Blessyl Buan will straighten you out using chiropractic, acupuncture and soft tissue massage techniques. She can also help you smooth out the kinks with a private Pilates session or customized orthotics. Dancers gravitate to Buan (who has a professional dance background herself)—including a principal dancer from the National Ballet of Canada. If it’s good enough for a prima ballerina…

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