Summer beauty: How to get this season’s 5 hottest looks with Nars’ top talent

Summer Beauty Nars
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Summer Beauty Nars
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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Summer is hardly a time to play it safe when it comes to beauty, so we caught up with Nars international lead makeup artist Jane Richardson to find out what her top five beauty trends are for the season ahead of us. The inspiration was largely pulled from the runway, but the looks are entirely adaptable and attainable for non-pros and pros alike. Read on for the top looks to try this summer!

Summer Beauty Nars Eyebrows
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Androgynous brows

This look is less about feminine softness and more about a masculine, androgynous take on brows. “What makes a brow more masculine is usually the texture and the fact that it’s not perfect, which makes it very, very easy to do,” Jane explained. “One brow is normally round, and one brow is normally more square. Pick the one that you like and do the other one first, because then you’re copying the one that you like. Most women start on their dominant side, but think about the shape you prefer.” If you have more naturally rounded arches due to your bone structure, it can be challenging to create a more masculine, flatter brow. In this case, feel free to introduce more volume and texture by thoughtfully applying brow gel in several directions to coat the brow hairs from all angles (“Think of brow gel as volumizing mousse for your brow hairs!”). Focus on creating separation, and creating different directions with the gel application. Don’t be afraid to use brow gel that is slightly darker than your hair colour, as it creates visual interest – just make sure to scrape excess gel off on the inner edge of the tube before applying. The overall effect is meant to be stronger and fiercer than the soft brow look you may be accustomed to.

Products used: Nars Brow Perfector in “Caucase” ($25,, Nars Brow Gel in “Kinshasa” ($25,

Summer Beauty Nars Colour Liner
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Coloured underliner

The counterpart to the ever-favoured winged liner is underliner aka eyeliner worn along the bottom lash line, a look seen at the Creatures Of The Wind Fall 2014 show. “If you’re wearing this look in the summer, nothing beats colour. If you’re going to wear this look and you don’t want it half-way down your face, use a long-wearing eyeliner,” advises Jane. In terms of application, liner can be applied on the waterline or extended down from the waterline onto the lower lid to make the eyes appear larger, extending the line outwards to the outer corner of the eyes as well. The model pictured had strong cheekbones, so Jane extended the liner to the very corners of her eyes to balance the face. “To really make the look, think about whether or not you want to wear mascara. With this look, it goes from being soft, fresh and summery to feeling a bit harder with mascara, so really think about how intense you want your look. Maybe curl the lashes, maybe put a bit of brow gel on your lashes for a softer look overall.”

Product used: Nars Larger Than Life Eyeliner in “Khao San Road” ($28,

Summer Beauty Nars Metallic-Eye
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

The metallic eye

A metallic eye was found on the fall runway at Rodarte and it can translate quite effortlessly to your summer routine. Start with an eyeshadow primer, especially if your eyelids are oily or you’re prone to makeup creasing in high temperatures. Apply a shimmery quartz cream shadow on the lids prior to powder shadow to create depth. “A primer and a cream shadow are like training wheels of makeup, because once you put them on, you don’t have to touch up again,” says Jane, smoothing the creamy pencil across the model’s lashline. Use a flat shadow brush to press a shimmery, icy violet powder shadow onto lids, which will adhere to the cream shadow base brilliantly. Jane explained that the light-reflective quality of this trend is adaptable to your personal taste: “Try applying the eyeshadow wet for a different feeling, and adapt the application to how you want it. On the runway, we took it up to the brows, but if that isn’t for you, then change it. It’s about making the trend work for you!”

Products used: Nars Smudge-proof Eyeshadow Base ($29,,Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in “Iraklion” ($28,, Nars Eyeshadow Duo in “Tropical Princess” ($39, at Nars counters).

Summer Beauty Nars Orange Lip
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

The orange lip

With this trend, the lips do the talking. The focus is on creating contrast between a virtually neon lip colour and your skin. Applying a bright orange lip colour all over the lips, carefully applying around the lip line since shape is emphasized due to the eye-catching nature of this shade. “It’s almost neon against your skin, and that’s cool. A lot of women tend to focus on finding the right shade for their skin, but then they end up missing out on wearing a really cool lipstick.” If you want to mix it up, don’t be afraid to throw another colour into the look in the form of a shocking pink gloss on top of your orange lipstick.

Products used: Nars Satin Lip Pencil in “Timanfaya” ($30,, Nars Lip Gloss in “Priscilla” ($29,

Summer Beauty Nars Luxe-Skin
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Luxe skin

From Christopher Kane to Alexander Wang, impossibly fresh skin was the focus of many fall runway shows. “Focus on hydrating skin with a moisturizer that has light-reflective properties that enhance your makeup,” explains Jane. The runway method used backstage at shows translates seamlessly to real life application: start with a healthy dose of oil-free illuminating moisturizer, allowing it to sink in before adding tinted moisturizer or concealer where needed. The finishing touch can be any highlighter you wish for a lit-from-within look, but a champagne-gold gel highlighter makes a bit more of an impact for a finished look that screams summer beauty.

Products used: Nars Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-free Moisturizer ($68,, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30,, Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ($49,, Nars Illuminator in “Hot Sand” ($36,