Snooki keeps trying to make the duckbill nail happen. Vote now to stop it!

Snooki's "duckbill" nails at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, photography by Getty Images

It’s a trend we’ve been trying to ignore for a while, but Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi keeps trying to make it happen—the duckbill nail. Dubbed as such because of the way the nail gets wider at the ends, it takes a long afternoon at the salon to achieve this extremely fake nail look. Seen as recently as yesterday, at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, we’re hoping the duckbill trend doesn’t have wings and will stay in the Jersey Shore forever. But red carpet after red carpet (who, exactly, keeps inviting her?) Snooki is there, showing off her bedazzled, duckbill’d tips. There are about a thousand adjectives to describe why we hate this look, with “artificial” and “acrylic” topping the list. Actually, we’d maybe even like the airbrushed art she’s wearing (in a Katy Perry sort of way) if it was paired with a more naturally shaped nail.

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