Perfume 2019
Photography by Daniel Harrison

Odile of “I Want It All. I Want It Now.” Gives Us a Tour of Her Top Shelf

Get to know Odile, the protagonist of “I Want It All. I Want It Now.”, as she walks us through the favourite items on her vanity.

After I got hot, I used to think it was vain to sit in front of my vanity and pretend I was being interviewed, like the people on my mother’s show. But now it just makes me feel close to my mom. Today’s segment is on my favourite fragrances

In the fall, I’m all about moody, smoky ambers. But in the summer, I’m drawn to fragrances like Daisy Eau So Sweet because it’s fruity and floral. Like the original Daisy—which I also love—this one has a daisy-tree-petal heart but its white raspberry notes bring a touch of sweetness.”