Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream campaign is hazy, heavenly, and directed by (surprise) Sofia Coppola

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

The ad campaign for Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream, the designer’s latest fragrance, has been released and luckily for, well, everyone, it’s directed by the one and only Sofia Coppola. The two longtime friends and collaborators are at it again, because the short clip is classic Marc and Sofia. It’s no secret that the critically acclaimed director knows how to work the lens, and this time she’s done it in a daisy-filled haze.

The latest creation by the designer-director partnership appeared online for the first time yesterday, and stars model Antonia Wesseloh in a gauzy white dress, lounging in a field of daises, set to a Sleigh Bells soundtrack. Putting a trippy twist on the video for the perfume’s sister scent, Daisy, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream is slightly more dream-like (duh) and features a Virgin Suicides-esque creepiness we love. With Wesseloh’s fading face, cloud-gazing and sparkler twirling, this video’s got us dazed and confused, in the best way possible.

Just ripe for summer, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream is light and fruity with scents of lychee, pear, grapefruit and coconut water. If the video wasn’t enough to get us daydreaming, that fragrant blend sure is. See the video in all its hazy glory below.