Watch: Sofia Coppola’s campaign video for Marni for H&M. The countdown to March continues!

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We gawked excitedly at the leaked release of a Marni for H&M ad, and couldn’t wait to see the Sofia Coppola–directed campaign video. Well folks, the moment has arrived: you can ooh and ahh at the commercial and also enjoy a bonus behind-the-scenes video.

In it, we learn Coppola’s reasoning as to why she decided to take on the project. She’d “never really done anything around fashion, and when they told me it was Marni, it sounded like an interesting project.”

Filmed at a villa in Marrakech, the commercial is a lively display of Marni’s surreal prints, and follows model Imogen Poots in that familiar shiny-metallic number as she blissfully makes her way through lush gardens to an extravagant party. Oh, and the accessories? Floral statement necklaces, rad boho bangles, and sequined bib collars. Yes. Please. If you need us, we’ll be watching this video frequently until the March 8 release.