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The K-Beauty Spatula is TikTok’s Fave for a Flawless Foundation Application

With tips from a makeup artist, here's how to use the beauty tool to achieve a glass skin-like foundation finish.

The makeup industry’s newest beauty secret is out — Korean beauty spatulas are the key to achieving a glass skin-like foundation finish. From #beautytok creators to celebrity makeup artists like Chanel’s Nina Park, we’ve seen these K-beauty spatulas go mainstream thanks to their satisfyingly smooth application.

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We could swipe for hours on end through TikTok’s #makeupspatula hashtag — whose flawless foundation results has amassed over nine million views. The viral tool behind this technique is Korean beauty brand Picasso’s makeup spatula, made in collaboration with makeup artist Ham Kyung-sik.

Canadian MUA Tami El Sombati tells FASHION that the K-beauty spatula uses a much thinner application than other makeup applicator tools, which is what creates that “your skin but better” finish. “The spatula allows you to apply sheer, even layers, without the tool absorbing any of the product or leaving streaks like a brush can,”she explains. It should be noted, though, that the viral videos that have tempted us to try this trend often begin with a base of skin that already appears smooth and free of texture — which adds to the final outcome, of course.

El Sombati credits Korean makeup artists as the masters of the beauty spatula, and talked us through how anyone, from beauty amateurs to makeup pros, can try the technique.

First and foremost, you’ll need a liquid foundation for optimal results. On either a clean makeup palette or the back of your hand, apply the foundation and then run the thin edge of your spatula through it before applying the product to your face in smaller sections — rather than those satisfying long swipes you’ve seen online, El Sombati suggests. “This will definitely take some practice, but the idea is for it to create a sheer, even layer, and of course you can build by adding more layers to gradually increase coverage if needed.” You’ll also want to use a light hand during application to avoid picking up other layers with your spatula tool. “Once your foundation is on in one section, you can then blend it to perfection with a damp sponge as you go — that way you’re blending the sections before they set by themselves since they’re so thin,” shares El Sombati.

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If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to create a full face base with (say, foundation, concealer, contour andblush), you may want to skip using makeup spatulas beyond your foundation step. “I’m sure you could use them to apply other liquid products, but you may run the risk of using too much pressure and removing the base you’ve laid down [if you’re adding other makeup on top of the foundation you already applied],” says El Sombati. “The key is to use a liquid product, and be able to control the application, which would need to be a bit more precise in terms of placement with something other than foundation.”

It seems simple enough in theory, but as is the case with most art forms,  practice makes perfect. “You’ll have some trial and error in the beginning for sure, so seeing what works for you, and having all kinds of tutorials online to help guide you is such a great tool,” says El Sombati.

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