7 luxurious beauty ingredients you didn’t know you needed (diamonds, gold and caviar!)

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When pearls, diamonds and gold come to mind, we immediately think of luxury. But more than just your favourite jewellery pieces, these days beauty brands are tapping into the precious mineral market, infusing super luxe ingredients into products like serums, moisturizers and masks. Your wallet may not love the idea of you buying truffle oil and caviar on a regular basis, but introducing them into your beauty routine for a fraction of the price may make it more justifiable. While we are always on the hunt for the latest weird ingredients (Starfish extract! Dragon blood! Pig collagen!), there’s something so decadent about using the seven below products in the name of good hair and skin.

Infusing exquisite ingredients in our beauty game is not a new concept. Who can forget Mila Kunis’s $7000 diamond and ruby facial that made headlines back in 2011? Top-tiered edible ingredients like caviar, truffle oil and saffron also boast anti-aging results. While caviar extracts are loaded with fatty acids and lipids to help smoothen hair and skin, saffron is said to carry a messenger-like ingredient that boosts older skin cells to behave like young ones. And as for truffle oil, we hear it stimulates cell regeneration. Who knew?

So before you brush us off and think luxe beauty products are just gimmicks for gullible beauty diehards, we suggest you to click through this gallery to see otherwise. There’s a reason these ingredients are a mainstay in many skincare and hair companies’ permanent collections. From pearl face masks to truffle oil moisturizers, we tracked down seven of the most decadent beauty ingredients of all time, so you can treat yourself after a long day’s work because nothing says TLC quite like slathering caviar extract into your hair and diamonds onto your face.

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