lip art
Photography by Daniel Harrison

How to Embrace Lip Art that’s Wearable with Shiny Gloss and Chrome Lipstick

While hologram lips were creative, we're sticking to a more wearable approach to lip art.

Instagram has ushered in a new breed of wildly creative, OTT makeup that should only exist online (if at all). One example of this is lip art, with tiny images once drawn only on fingernails now being drawn on mouths and including everything from watermelons to unicorns to palm trees.

While we would never suggest copying these imaginative yet highly absurd illustrations, we are in favour of embracing what makeup artist Lisa Eldridge deems “wearable lip art.” “If you think about the easiest kind of trend to replicate, it really is lip art,” says Eldridge, who is also creative director for Lancôme Makeup. “Many people can’t do liquid eyeliner or a smoky eye,” she says, “but everyone knows how to put lipstick on, so it’s instant gratification.”

This new wave of creativity has influenced current lip products, which are available in every possible texture and even with two shades in a single bullet. By using just one or two items, you can create something simple yet special. “It can be one colour on the bottom and one colour on the top or maybe two different textures,” says Eldridge. “Rub the lips together and you have something very beautiful.”