Linda Rodin, the coolest senior in the beauty biz, launches 5 killer lipsticks

Photographed by Gabor Jurina for FASHION, May 2014

Life goal: to be as cool as Linda Rodin when we grow up. The super stylish, silver-haired 67-year-old is primarily known for her oil-based skincare line, Olio Lusso and we’ve made it no secret that we adore her; she was featured in one of our fashion shoots in May 2014 (see image above), and we also snooped the contents of her bag during a quick stop in Toronto that same year. The smart people at Estée Lauder also recognized her cachet and acquired her brand just over a year ago. Now backed by some seriously deep pockets, Rodin is expanding into lipstick this spring (sign up for pre-order here), something she’s thought about for many years.

“I wear lipstick everyday,” she said when we met in December, her mouth boldly done in a gorgeous shade of violet berry, wearing a nubby coat by Shrimps, charcoal sweater, jeans and silver Prada boots. “It just seemed like if I was going to wear it, I might as well make one instead of buying other people’s.” And she knew exactly what she wanted in terms of texture (“creamy but not glossy”), packaging (“I love Lucite. I think it’s just a ’70s thing”) and especially the shades (she even named one after her silver poodle, Winks).

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