Let’s get this straight: Our fashion director has a life-changing hair experience

Fashion director Susie Sheffman prepares for battle.
Fashion director Susie Sheffman prepares for battle.

During Milan Fashion Week, I promised you I would blog about a truly miraculous and life-changing experience–getting my hair straightened with Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Sure, it’s not baby-saving or rocket science miraculous, but amazing nonetheless. You naturally straight-haired girls can snicker all you want, but curly haired girls know what I’m talking about: I now have hair that goes down, not up!

For the treatment, I headed up to Donato Salon + Spa (Yorkdale Shopping Centre, 3401 Dufferin St., 416-789-4332, and 4 other GTA locations, donato.ca), where senior colour technician Mary Listi been quietly smoothing frizz-balls like me with the Keratin Complex (from $375), for a while now.  Once I caught wind of this, I eagerly signed up. (Actually, I made my daughter, Molly, go first, and the results were so staggering–her drying and straightening time has shrunk from an hour and a half to only 7 minutes–that I couldn’t wait to submit and transform.)

Read about the treatment, and see the results, after the jump.

During the treatment, keratin, a protein naturally found in your hair, is infused into the cuticle, removing frizz and straightening at the same time. Plus, you’re not adding any harsh chemicals or doing any damage. Au contraire–it actually makes your hair healthier!

Mary Listi is a woman who loves what she does. She tenderly washed my hair, applied the Keratin goop and blew everything dry. Then she took one-inch sections and painstakingly ironed each of them ten times to bond the complex with the hair cuticle. (Her patience level is unreal–I would combust!) And talk about  bonding–by the time the process was done, I want to take Mary home with me. Three hours later we were hugging and kissing, snapping photos and tearfully waving goodbye with me vowing to return in 3 to 4 months.

Now here’s the only gross part.  I was warned not to wash my hair, put it behind my ears or put it in a ponytail for the next 72 hours–a near impossible situation for me!  I’m in the habit of throwing my hair in a pony or bun at all times (the better not have to deal with it, my dears) so this was a severe form of torture. I was on high frizz–alert–if I spied so much as a kink, I was to iron it out at once. Serious business. For three days (ask my family) I turned into a monster as my hair hung limply in in my eyes, and even got coated with a fine layer of wayward tomato sauce. But I held firm. The was a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ when my sentence was up and I could actually wash my hair!

The time-saving aspect alone is worth the rave, but that’s not all: My hair is healthy, low-maintenance, beyond shiny, and fabulously frizz-free.  Now, I’ve got the carefree, insouciant, hair-tossing attitude of straight-haired girls everywhere–somewhere between starring in a Pantene commercial and Cher in her “I Got You Babe” phase.

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