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Calling All You Slackers: 8 Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts to Order Now

From CBD-induced relaxation to spa treatment, luxe fragrances and more.

Every year we find ourselves here again, with Mother’s Day less than a week away and us,  gift-less and scrambling. And what mom doesn’t like beauty, whether that means being treated to a much-needed massage that they’d never take the time to book themselves, indulging in some zen-inducing activities—it’s time she learn about jade rollers and gua sha stones, or using a little CBD (much easier what with Canada’s recent legalization moves) to help her get one of the best sleeps she’s had since before she became a parent?

Herewith, some fail safe, beauty-centric gifts that can all be procured with expedited shipping—which will conveniently disguise the fact that your Mom’s day may have slipped your mind.

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