Weed Canada 2019

The Straight Dope on the Canna-Business in 2019

In our Winter issue, FASHION editors rounded up the 100 people, products and experiences we think will blow up in 2019. It’s our inaugural Hot 100 Fuse List. From the workouts you’ll be doing, to the new designers and destinations you’ll see on your feed, this is your guide to being in the know this year. Prediction: By this time next year, everyone will be sick of headlines and articles filled with weed-based puns. But, until then, it’s high time you got the straight dope on the Canna-businesses that are fuelling the (legal) Reefer Madness.

The Buds to Buy

Weed Canada 2019

29: Dosist

The caveat with dosist is that it’s not available in Canada—which doubles as the company’s slogan—and it won’t be until its vape pens are legalized, along with all the other ways to consume cannabis. Fingers crossed that this happens soon, because dosist—which has created proprietary pens that ensure perfectly controlled doses of its six exclusive formulas—is maybe the easiest way for a beginner to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Weed Canada 2019
Photography by Evan Bergstra

30: Xscape

Strains of flower (which is the classy name for actual weed) that are crafted and cleverly named for specific activities. Like Walk the Dog, which is a mellow hybrid perfect for letting your mind wander (but not too much) while walking Spot. Or Flix and Chill, which excels at what cannabis has always been good at: making movies better and making you want sex more.

Weed Canada 2019
Photography courtesy of Irisa

31: Irisa

A wellness brand dedicated to providing the best experience for women. And while that is a bit vague at the moment, the prospect of incorporating cannabis into a considered, healthy lifestyle is definitely appealing.

The Other Stuff

You’re going to be hearing a lot about cannabis lifestyle and products that don’t look like they belong under your couch in the basement.

Weed Canada 2019
Photography courtesy of P.F. Candle Co.

32: WDBX

WDBX (pronounced Weedbox) offers curated design-focused products, from candles to grinders, to help you make the most of the cannabis lifestyle.

Weed Canada 2019
Photography by Jemel May

33: Milkweed

If Kinfolk were to start a cannabis brand, it would look a lot like Milkweed. You’ll find simple and elegantly crafted accessories that will look beautiful on the gram.

Weed Canada 2019
Photography by Duncan Foy

34: Sackville and Co.

Sackville & Co.’s star product is its gold grinder, but the brand promises to be more than a store. It’ll be a place to get information and a safe space to share stories and experiences. Because, let’s be honest, dope can make some people pretty chatty.

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