Laneige’s Infamous Overnight Lip Mask Now Has a Daytime Partner-in-Crime

You don't take a break, and your lip hydration shouldn't either.

I’m a creature of habit—especially when it comes to my nighttime routine. I cleanse, tone, pat on my serum and moisturizer, brush my teeth, comb my hair, set my alarm, switch on an old episode of The Office and hit the pillow. It’s a solid regimen, and since my High School acne days, there have been few things that have infiltrated the step-by-step system. (Some nights, I perform an act of rebellion and indulge a pre-bed sheet mask. It’s crazy, I know.)

This past Christmas, my sister slipped a mini Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask into my stocking. I’d heard of the cult-favourite Korean beauty brand product before, but I’d always thought it was an unnecessary added step in my pre-snooze schedule. I slather on lip balm all day, what’s a single application before bed going to do for my perpetually dry lips? Every other product I’ve tried demands re-application every half hour, so I didn’t see how this moisture-promising thick balm was going to be any different.

At my sibling’s recommendation, I trialled the gifted lip mask. Immediately, I felt (and smelt—hello grapefruit!) the difference, and my lips felt primed for a goodnight smooch. But it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized how impressive the product truly is. My lips were soft and supple, and they weren’t seeking the same immediate hydration that I usually reach for in my morning beauty routine. It’s been three months now, and I haven’t looked back.

I’d bring the overnight lip mask with me everywhere if I could. The teeny-tiny silicone spatula sold with the product and used for hygienic application, however, isn’t ideal for on-the-go application. Plus, the pink jar has a picture-perfect front-row spot on my top shelf—I’d be afraid of having it sucked into the blackhole of my handbag. I mean, think about it: how many lip balms are in your purse right now? How many do you think you currently have in your possession? How many do you think you’ve owned over your lifetime? I have four in the crossbody bag sitting next to me right now, and I can’t begin to calculate or even comprehend the other numbers.

Sure, I believe that some balms are better than others—but at the end of the day, I’m applying whatever I grab first from the bottom of my bag. Then, thirty or so minutes later, my lips start losing moisture and I repeat the process. Until the Laneige overnight mask, I had never felt particularly loyal to a lip product; whatever was closest would have to do the trick.

Photography courtesy of Laneige

Laneige’s new daytime Lip Glowy Balm is going to change that. The lightweight, moisture-coating lip balm is the perfect partner for my nighttime antioxidant rich Lip Sleeping Mask. My flaky, chapped lips now have access to the same intense lip treatment that keeps them hydrated overnight. Formulated with Murumuru and Shea Butters in an easy on-the-go container, this moisture-rich lip balm leaves my lips glowing all day long—so that I always feel ready for an unexpected kiss.

My favourite feature of the Laneige’s new travel-friendly lip product, however, is the gloss. Available in four different flavours—Berry, Grapefruit, Pear and Peach—the Lip Glowy Balm is the perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) addition to complete a naturally radiant makeup look. Or, if I plan on going for something a little more glam, the Lip Glowy Balm is my new favourite pre-lip colour primer or post lip colour shine.

Whether I’m adding a little gloss to a ruby red lip, reaching for a bit of quick hydration in my handbag or healing my flaky lips overnight, Laneige has a lip balm that works for my schedule. It’s the 24-hour around the clock moisture I need to ensure I never have cracked and painful pout—or a chapped and uncomfortable kiss. Life is busy, and if I don’t take a break, my lip hydration shouldn’t either.

The new Lip Glowy Balm is available for $18.00 CAD at Sephora. Shop all four flavours below: