How to Find Your Perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) Shade of Lipstick

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers are always talking about finding your perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. You know the one—the lipstick that’s basically the same shade as your lips but adds just a bit more depth and intensity to your pout. The one you can apply without a mirror, in an Uber, after having four glasses of wine, and not mess it up. The point of having a MLBB is so even when you’re wearing very minimal makeup (or you want to keep your lips bare when wearing a heavy eye makeup look), you can swipe it on and look “done” and not washed out. Everyone needs one (or seven) in their beauty arsenal, but finding The One isn’t as easy as you’d think.

We’ve rounded up some tips for finding your perfect MLBB shade below, as well as our favourite picks for a range of different skin tones. Oh and unless you’re very fair-skinned, your MLBB shade will probably not be called “Nude” (that’s an issue for another day, though).

Tip 1: Do not attempt to find your MLBB online
Yes, online shopping is a beautiful thing. No, there is no better feeling than when your Sephora package arrives in the mail. However, this is one makeup product you want to try IRL before you buy. Especially if you’re shopping for a matte liquid lipstick, as those more often than not go on much, much darker than they appear in the tube.

Tip 2: Skip super shiny glosses
Anything with lots of shine or shimmer will not be your MLBB shade. Promise.

Tip 3: Match it to the right places
You’re looking for a shade that matches your fingertip or the inside of your lip. So when you’re swatching, remember that the back of your hand is clearly not the same shade as your lips.

Browse some of our favourite MLBB shades below.

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