It’s time to be reunited with a long-lost lipstick! Vote to bring back limited-edition faves with M.A.C By Request

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It’s always irking to find the perfect shade of lipstick or a just-right eyeshadow only to discover it’s been discontinued. Well, good news for M.A.C fans: starting next week, the brand will launch its M.A.C by Request campaign across social media sites, enabling fanatics and casual consumers alike to bring back favourite long-lost products.

Eighteen popular-but-only-available-for-a-limited-time lipsticks, lipglasses, and eyeshadows from past collections are up for the vote. Want to reunite with the deep-red “Rocker” lipstick from Fall 1999, or the rosy eyeshadow “Jeté” from 2006? Start making your choices known on Monday, March 12—vote on M.A.C’s Facebook page to ensure your favourites make the cut. The three shades with the most votes from each category will be made available as an online limited-edition collection in August.

Here are the contenders:

“3N” as seen in N Collection (January 2008)
“Candy Yum Yum” as seen in Quite Cute (April 2011)
“Eden Rocks” as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)
“Moxie” as seen in Retro Matte Lipsticks (September 1999)
“Rocker” as seen in Time Rocker (Fall 1999)
“Shitaki” as seen in Cuisine (March 2001)

“2N” as seen in N Collection (January 2008)
“Bait” as seen in Lure (June 2006)
“Cult of Cherry” as seen in Cult of Cherry (September 2008)
“Emancipation” as seen in Wonder Woman (February 2011)
“Flash of Flesh” as seen in M.A.C D’Bohemia (May 2005)
“Icescape” as seen in Love Lace (December 2009)

“Cool Heat” as seen in Cool Heat (June 2008)
“Guacamole” as seen in Salsabelle (May 2005)
“Heavenly Bliss” as seen in Eden Rocks (May 2001)
“Jeté” as seen in Danse (January 2006)
“Moth Brown” as seen in Madame B. (March 2005)
“Solar White” as seen in Cool Heat (June 2008)