Curl problems: The reason why one side always looks better than the other when you curl your hair

How do you curl your hair? From hot rollers to sock buns tricks, there’s a seemingly endless number of ways to make straight hair curly—and as someone with bone-straight hair, it feels like I’ve tried them all. After much trial and error, I’ve discovered that the technique with the most promise comes courtesy of a curling wand, that is, a curling iron without the clamp. However, one problem remains the same: the curls on one side of my head never seem to match the curls on the other. One side looks flawless and red carpet-ready while the other flips out awkwardly, falls in the wrong direction or just looks… bad.

In order to get to the bottom of my hair curling problems, I met up with Morgan Roy, creative director at the Aveda Institute Toronto. It turns out this hair curling issue comes down to dominant hand dexterity and the tendency to do what’s “more comfortable” first. (It’s just like when you paint your nails: you’re inclined to paint with your good hand first.) However, Roy explained that it’s actually better to start curling your hair on the harder side—that way you’ll focus on making sure it’s perfect and your arms and hands won’t be fatigued from curling the rest of your hair. Another important tip: section off your hair as you curl. While I tend to “grab and go” when I curl, it’s actually easier to spend a few minutes separating your hair before you start. And finally, finish off with a heavy-duty hairspray, such as Aveda Control Force, to keep all your hard work in place.

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