Afternoon beauty fix: A simple way to improve your nail polish painting skills

I have a seriously difficult time making my nail polish look nice when I do an at-home manicure—my non-dominant hand always ruins it! Any training tips?
Since few of us are ambidextrous and gifted at polish application, I wouldn’t sweat your skill set. Leeanne Colley, Revlon’s nail expert for Canada, recently recommended one simple solution for this exact complication: start by painting the nails on your more difficult hand! By switching your routine, you’ll use a higher amount of concentration and patience on the hand that requires it the most. By the time you reach your stronger hand, it’ll require less effort to make those fingers look just as good as the rest. You can also try using a lighter shade and a bit of a shimmer to help mask minor imperfections: “Sugared Almond” by Ciaté Paint Pots ($14, followed by a single sweep of shimmer from Zoya in “Jules” ($9, will make your nails shine in the sunlight and keep sloppy mistakes undetected. Once your skills have improved, you can carry on to darker shades with a steadier hand and a kick of newfound confidence.

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