8 Group Halloween Costumes You Can Do With Makeup

Because #squadgoals

Halloween has more or less become the excuse to show off your squad to the world on social media. Given that you and your friends are already heading to the same party and will be getting ready together, it actually makes perfect sense to dress up as a group.

For those who already have figured out your group’s theme, great! You can move along. But for those procrastinators whose minds are drawing a complete blank, you’re in luck. We’ve found eight super fun (and relatively easy) Halloween makeup tutorials for your whole group to try – from this year’s sure-to-be-popular Snapchat filter to the moody cast of Inside Out to Sailor Scouts. We (but really YouTube) have/has it all!

Snapchat filters

Disgust, Sadness, Joy, Anger and Fear of Inside Out

All the characters from Alice in Wonderland

Zoo animals

Minions from Despicable Me

Sailor Moon vs. Black Moon Clan

Suicide Squad, Pokemon hunters and Snapchat filters