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The 10 Most Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Makeup lovers, rejoice. The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner.

If you think about it, putting on a Halloween costume is no hard task (though finding an actual outfit is another story). The true skill often lies in what you decide to do in the beauty department. And for beauty addicts, Halloween allows you to really show off your talents because it’s the time to play with all the colours of the rainbow and do stuff you’d never do on an everyday basis. This is the ideal night to become anybody you want via the power of makeup. You want to walk around looking like Roy Lichtenstein pop art? No one’s stopping you. It’s Halloween after all.

Whether you’re looking to scare the living daylights out of someone with something like a bloody face and a flesh mask, or in dire need of last minute (and super easy) tips, you’ve come to the right place. We combed through the endless Halloween beauty tutorials on YouTube and compiled 10 of our faves. Flip through and be inspired. Next stop, best costume award.

Flesh mask:
Is freaking your friends out on the top of your Halloween to-do list this year? Then this tutorial is for you. Bonnie Corban shows us how to create an uber gory look with a few products you probably already have lying around in your makeup bag. Because masquerades don’t always have to be glamorous, right?

Lichtenstein pop art:
If scary isn’t your style, why not go as Roy Lichtenstein pop artwork this year? This easy-to-achieve beauty tutorial is complete with the artist’s famed technique of thick outlines, bold colours and Ben-Day dots. Your friends will applaud your skill level.

Speak no evil:
If you’re in need of an excuse to skip out on the booze or avoid talking to certain people at a party, then check out this “Speak No Evil” beauty tutorial. With a bit of liquid latex and cotton balls, your lips will be sealed throughout the night. But don’t forget to do up your eyes because who says you can’t work both glam and gore on Halloween?

Snapchat rainbow:
With the addition of this new rainbow filter on Snapchat, you can bet this is going to be the convo starter when you walk into the party. Bring this 2D feature into the 3D world with a bit of your everyday makeup (concealer, mascara, foundation) and some face paint.

Sugar skull:
According to Google, sugar skull is one of the most searched beauty tutorials every Halloween. To save you some time searching through countless tutorials on YouTube, we found this cute and colourful one via AlisonLovesJB.

Double vision:
Trip your friends out this year with this double vision creation. Judging by the tutorial, patience and keeping makeup remover on standby are the keys to your success. But you know it’s going to be worth it when you get your friends doing double takes on Halloween.

Pop art zombie:
FYI, going as a zombie doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be scary and gory. Mix in a bit of pastel colours (baby pink and aqua blue work well) and add glitter to cuts and scars for a cuter alternative.

Zombie Barbie:
Barbie too basic? Halloween it up with a zombie version instead. Michelle Phan shows us how to go from Prom Queen Barbie to your worst nightmare. But if you much prefer the sweet side this year, we suggest you don’t go past the 5 minute mark in the tutorial. This would also make a great BFF outfit idea – one can go as Barbie and the other as zombie Barbie.

Ventriloquist doll:
Become a ventriloquist doll this season with the help of Hannah Leigh. While there are many videos on how to achieve the doll look, we love the way Leigh makes it less scary and more chic.

Last minute ideas:
Did you get invited to last minute Halloween parties and have nothing prepared? Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to Shaaanxo’s makeup tutorial, she shows us three options (a mime, plastic surgery gone awry and a glitter mask that not only doesn’t require too much effort, but is also super quick #win).