Glitter guide: 4 hair and makeup gif tutorials to help you master the runway trend

In many people’s books, glitter is regarded as a nuisance—an unnecessary substance that makes a huge mess and never really seems to fully go away. Our humble opinion? Those people are boring.

Whether it be in the form of sequins, chunks, flakes, crystals, or powder, glitter adds a touch of magic and fun to everything it lands upon (including pets, partner’s faces, your kitchen table, etc.). As a result it has pretty much been a constant on the runway (in beauty and the clothing itself) for ages, rising to almost epidemic level over the past few seasons. From Rodarte to local sensation Hayley Elsaesser, designers have been dumping glitter on models without restraint, and we’re far from tired of the trend.

We put together four simple tutorials inspired by some of our favourite glitter looks to help get you (and most likely your entire bathroom) as sparkly as possible.

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