glass nails

#GlassNails Is a Trend Guaranteed to Make Your Mani 100% Blingier

Broken glass isn’t something you would typically think to affix to your nails—but then, would you expect anything less than WTF originality from Korean beauty trends? Eun Kyung Park, founder of Unistella salon in Seoul and the genius behind negative space manicures, kickstarted the crystal craze currently illuminating fingertips all over Instagram, which mimics the look of glass shards on your nails. A fusion of Art Deco mosaics, gem facets, and mother-of-pearl seashells, it’s pretty much guaranteed like-bait.

Park has developed her own cellophane stickers to make the trend easier to achieve (apparently everyone’s of the same mindset, as they are currently out of stock), but we think this is a look you can definitely cop on your own with a little DIY spirit.

Simply take a sheet of iridescent, cellophane wrapping paper (these sheets from Etsy should suffice), tear into splintered shreds, and proceed to collage onto your digits in 3D layers or geometric fractal patterns. Seal them in with a glossy topcoat for your very own opalescent, mood ring-like mani. Something tells us we’re all about to become very expressive hand talkers.