Formula Fig's mirror reads "Give a fig about your skin"
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Vancouver’s Formula Fig Opens in Toronto + More Beauty News

Plus, there's a new French skincare brand this side of the pond.

Formula Fig opens up shop in Toronto


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Toronto’s popular Ossington Ave has a new bar, but it’s likely not what you’re picturing. Hailing from Vancouver, Formula Fig is a science-forward clean beauty bar with a curated-menu of glow-inducing facial treatments and injections—all delivered by trusted medical professionals. Plus, they’re all done in just 30 minutes. What’s more, Fig Bars sell an edited assortment of cool beauty brands, like Vintner’s Daughter, Boy Smells, Saltyface, Aura Inner Beauty, Tata Harper and 111Skin. Decorated in a palette of soft and rich greens (inspired by a London subway station) and featuring a selfie-friendly pink bathroom, the new Toronto location is a must-visit.

French skincare brand SVR launches in Canada


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There’s just no resisting the allure of French beauty, so our ears always perk up when a new-to-Canada brand makes its debut. Dating back to 1962, SVR is a French pharmacy staple that was created by a husband and wife duo—both of whom were pharmacists. Its products aim to solve problems and emphasize high concentrations of active ingredients (think vitamins B and C, hyaluronic acid, polyhydroxy acids and niacinamide) and innovative textures (oils, bi-phase serums, cooling gels, foam creams and more). Officially available at Shoppers Drug Mart locations, SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique’s range is suitable for an array of skin types.

IDC Dermo releases a skincare set that supports Québec-based YWCAs


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We love to hear about local beauty brands giving back. Based in Québec City, dermo-cosmetic skincare company IDC Dermo has recently dropped a limited-edition set. The do-good angle? All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Montréal’s and Québec City’s YWCA to help women in need. The skincare trio, which retails for $59 (with a value of $85), includes exfoliating pads, an eye cream and a lip treatment.

The Body Shop’s vanilla pumpkin range is back

You know autumn is fast approaching when The Body Shop announces the return of its vanilla pumpkin body range. By popular demand, the beauty brand’s limited-edition line is back both in-store and online as of earlier this week. It includes a body butter, shower gel, hand cream and bath bomb with comforting notes of pumpkin, hazelnut caramel, maple syrup and almond milk.

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