Do not try (most of these) at home: 5 intense fire beauty treatments

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We’re never afraid to try out new things when it comes to our beauty regimen (eyebrow extensions, weed skincare products, placenta masks) but a new development in the quest for dry, hairless underarms has gone to the extremes. We can now microwave our armpits. As weird (and sort of scary) as this sounds, it’s being performed in the comfort and safety of your doctor’s office and it promises baby smooth results. This technology harnesses heat to rid us of one of our daily beauty battles. We’ve talked about braving chillier temperatures for the sake of better skin, and now we’re taking a look at what beauty techniques are like at the opposite end of the spectrum. Read on to learn about the wildest beauty treatments using fire.

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Microwaving your armpits

Can you imagine never having to shave your armpits or worry about sweat stains again? It could be possible with a new technology that basically microwaves your armpits. This new procedure promises to rid your underarms of sweat, odour and even hair growth. The MiraDry System uses “precisely controlled microwave energy [and is] the only company with FDA clearance for permanent reduction of axillary hair of all colours” says Mr. Michael Kleine, CEO and President of Miramar Labs. For now the treatment is only available through a doctor’s office and is said to result in minor swelling and a few days of soreness. As exciting as it this new technology is, all we can hear in the back of our heads is our mother’s voice telling us to never to stand in front of the microwave.

Curling your lashes

You’ve probably heard of heating up your eyelash curler with your blowdryer, and this Korean trick takes that one step further. Simply take an eyelash wand or stick, heat it with a flame for about five seconds and then before bringing it to your lashes do a quick check to make sure it’s not too hot. After tapping it against your hand a few times to cool the stick, hold the top of your inner upper eye lid tight and swipe the wand upwards against the lashes (similar to the motion you use for applying mascara). Go from root to tip in a zigzag motion for best results and make sure you get in the corners for the full effect. Korean makeup artist E.J. Kim swears by this technique as “it creates a more natural curl than a heated eyelash curler and it lasts longer.”

Fire Facial 

This one is seriously not for the faint of heart. Fire facials have gained serious popularity in China where the treatment originated. The process is called Huǒ liáo, and involved placing an alcohol-soaked towel over a certain body part and then lighting it on fire for a few seconds. Most people use it on their legs, back, neck or arms to decrease muscle pain and joint inflammation but recently the technique has migrated to the face. The fire facial is supposed to enhance the look of your skin and reduce wrinkles but due to the lack of research published on the actual effects, we’ll probably be sticking with our overnight masks for now.

DIY liquid liner

Whether you’re digging through your purse trying to find your credit card or emptying your makeup bag into the bathroom sink while you look for that one lipstick shade, the struggle is real: we usually have too many things. Enter, DIY liquid liner. Instead of having a million different eye pencils, with this technique you only need one. When you want a more precise, pigmented line, take any kohl eye pencil and take a flame to the tip of it. Hold the pencil under the flame for no more than two seconds, let cool and apply as normal. It will glide on like a super intense gel liner. You have now created your very own two-in-one eyeliner.

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Hair Burning

Making sure you get to the salon every six-eight weeks can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, and before you know it every stand on your head has a split end. Luckily there is a new beauty trend called candle cutting that corrects exactly that. Velaterapia, the treatment made popular in Brazil, is when you twist parts of your hair in long stands and run a flame up and down it to singe off broken or damaged pieces. The technique is great for women who have damaged their hair from excess colouring or hot styling tools and don’t want to lose any length from an actual cut. Stylist Ricardo Gomes recommends a deep conditioning right after because the hair’s “open cuticle” will absorb the treatment much easier. Just be ready for the very distinct smell of burning hair.

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