Some of the products you need for an everything shower

The Products You Need for the Ultimate “Everything Shower”

TikTok made us do it!

If you’re on #BeautyTok, then you’ve probably come across videos about an elusive “everything shower” on your FYP. The hashtag has over 160 million views (and counting), with pages upon pages of videos documenting different creators’ routines. But wait — what is an everything shower?

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The weekly shower involves an in-depth process that essentially requires deep-cleaning your hair and body. That is, aside from the normal shampoo-conditioner-body wash trifecta of a usual shower, an everything shower features the basics plus some (OK, lots) of bells and whistles. Think of it as an at-home spa day.

From scalp scrubbers and hair masks to body exfoliators and toners, we’ve rounded up the products you need to indulge in an extensive everything shower that gets you squeaky-clean and ready for the week ahead.


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