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Photography courtesy of Four Seasons Toronto

Five of the Best New Wellness Spas to Visit in Canada

Rest, rejuvenate, and renew the mind and body at these wellness spots.

Traditional spa treatments are always a treat, but there’s an emerging genre of spa-like sanctuaries that seek to deliver a deeper experience by putting mental health and well-being at the forefront of their services. Offering up calming hypnosis sessions, endorphin-boosting experiences, and restorative thermal treatments, these tranquil locales are not your average spas.

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From the west to the east coast, we’ve narrowed our selections down to five must-visit wellness spas across the country. Scroll on to slip into a state of pure bliss.

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Wellness & Bio Bar

Located within the five-star spa at Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, the new Wellness & Bio Bar is now open to the public. Short for “biohacking” (the do-it-yourself biology that aims to improve one’s health and quality of life via various techniques and interventions) this bio bar is on a mission to address its guests’ health and wellness needs based on a four-pillar goal model. Whether you’re looking to improve your mental, physical, spiritual, or sexual well-being, rest assured there is a service available here to help you do so. Four Seasons Hotel Toronto is the first luxury hotel in the city to introduce touch therapy — a treatment for those living with cancer where specific skin conditions can be addressed to reduce pain and inflammation while strengthening the lymphatic system. Expecting mothers can benefit from the Mom-to-Be-treatments, which offer a soothing selection of massages designed for those in their second and third trimesters. Or, for an all-around wellness boost that improves sleep and calms the nerves, book a hypnosis appointment with renowned hypnotist Asad Mecci to unlock your full potential.

Mysa Nordic Spa


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Out on the east coast, Prince Edward Island’s Mysa Nordic Spa is the first of its kind in the province. Situated on 18 acres of pure peace and serenity, this spa aims to help guests immerse themselves in nature, awaken the senses, and leave the experience feeling stress-free through acts of meditation, essential oil steaming, sauna sessions and more. Although, the must-do here is a run of the “thermal experience”. This spa is inspired by ancient Scandinavian rituals in which participants will alternate between moments of hot, cold, and rest temperatures to release tension and allow the body and mind to feel rested. At Mysa, guests can experience this practice as they cycle between baths and saunas for an invigorating and rejuvenating rush. On the sustainability front, Mysa also relies on a fully renewable woodchip boiler that produces optimum efficiency and emissions to power its spa facilities.

Unbounded Well


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In Toronto, Unbounded Well is inviting guests to “take the plunge” in the name of somatic wellness. The cold plunge, that is. This is the city’s first outdoor wellness playground with offerings that include private, self-guided, and guided experiences focused on hot and cold therapy, breathing techniques, and movement. Guests can bounce between Scandinavian saunas, a geodesic breathwork studio, and, most notably, the cold plunge wells, to escape the hustle and bustle of the city  — all without needing to leave the downtown core. The Unbounded cold exposure method is well worth the chilling temperatures, with benefits of this treatment ranging from immune system boosts and improved cognitive function to accelerated recovery and somatic healing.

Circle Wellness Spas

Over on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver natives may already be aware of the Circle Wellness Spa in the heart of the city, but there’s a new Granville Island location set to open up shop soon that we’re excited about. This private thermal spa hosts hydrotherapy and heated stone treatments, fusing therapeutic concepts and ancient wellness rituals with top-tier technology from around the globe for the ultimate wellness experience. Inside the spa’s WelPod sauna, feel free to roam around the open-concept room and absorb its relaxing sound, light, and heat elements in this unique, multi-sensory space where guests come to find their flow and unwind the mind and body. Though the flagship location currently has a lengthy waitlist, the opening of a second spa will allow more room for eager visitors.

Förena Cité Thermale

Embark on a “journey to the frontier of water” at this spa nestled just outside of Montreal. Inspired by traditional Icelandic, Russian and German rituals, Förena Cité Thermale offers a culturally diverse array of massage and thermotherapy services designed to leave guests and their bodies feeling renewed. The “Förena experience” hones in on thermal cycles and thermotherapy, which benefits both the mind and body through the release of bodily toxins by sweating, boosts metabolism, and releases stress while inducing a state of deep relaxation through the release of endorphins during the water-based cycles. As for massages, each treatment is specialized and targets the needs of guests from mothers-to-be to those seeking to combat skin fatigue and pent-up stress.

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