The 20 Most Insane (and Disgusting) Beauty Tutorials on YouTube

Great examples of what not to do with makeup.

YouTube is arguably the best thing to ever happen to beauty gurus. Just ask our cover girl, Michelle Phan, who created a multi-million business from her tutorials. And we’re endlessly thankful for YouTube makeup tutorials. From mastering a cat eye to contouring, we’ve certainly learned a lot from Youtube.

However, we’ve also got great examples of what not to do with makeup. Surely, none of us really need to be told not to cake on 100 layers of foundation on our faces, but for those who are intrigued by what that would actually look like, you don’t need to search very hard to see find of the grossest makeup tutorials imaginable. If you think you can stomach them, click below to see them in all of their horrific glory.

100 layers of foundation
Swedish beauty blogger Jeely simultaneously wowed and disgusted the world last month with this video that featured her applying 100 layers of foundation. Using a drugstore favourite (L’Oreal True Match), she piled on layer after layer after layer… you get the point. Needless to say, the results were frightening. We can only imagine how cakey her face must have felt.

100 layers of highlighter
Alissa Ashley had an insane amount of highlighters in her collection (90!). It’s no surprise she was inspired by the 100 layers of pretty much anything trend and decided to use highlighters as her weapon of choice. She started off by applying all her cream products and finished with the powders. Her cheekbones already looked way too glittery by layer 2 and by layer 100, it looked like unicorns had set up camp on her cheekbones.

100 layers of highlighter (all over)
It’s true—highlighting is certainly having a major moment on YouTube. We see hundreds of videos of highlighting how-to’s but Jasmine Amber took highlighting to an extreme. She used a variety of different highlighters and piled on 100 layers over all over her face. The end result? Let’s just say she probably sparkled more than Pippa Middleton’s engagement ring.

100 layers of under-eye concealer
Beauty blogger MissNicki wants everyone to know that she knows her concealers, even if at the end of this video, it doesn’t look like it. She took 5 concealers and applied them 20 times each to get 100 layers of concealer in her under-eye area. While she certainly didn’t look tired with all those layers caked on, she agrees that she looked a little too much like Bugs Bunny (which I’m sure we can all agree, is way worse).

100 layers of self-tanner
Australian YouTuber Stephanie Lange reminded us that it’s winter down under and she’s lacking the natural tan we’re all currently enjoying. She went through a whole bottle of tanning lotion and spent 2 hours applying it all over her upper body. We can only hope that most of it washed off in the shower.

100 layers of Dipbrow
Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow is definitely a cult product that’s basically a YouTube makeup artist staple. However, surely no one really thought of applying 100 coats of it before YouTuber Kait Nichole. While the product is often credited for creating gorgeous and natural-looking brows, 100 layers of it certainly did not give that effect. Instead, it gave her “next-level Sharpie brows”.

100+ coats of nail polish
Cristine, also known as SimplyNailogical on YouTube, went where no nail polish addict had gone before. She created a #polishmountain when she decided to paint her nails with every single colour in her collection (she stopped once she finished the 116th coat). The whole endeavour actually took two attempts. After reaching her 40th coat the first time, she had to start over because it was, predictably, a wet mess. On her second try, she allowed each coat to dry and frankly, it’s no wonder it took her over 12 hours to finish.

A whole bottle of nail polish
YouTuber HelloMaphie created her own #polishmountain by using up a whole bottle of nail polish. After a whopping 147 coats, the bottle was empty and her nails appeared to be over an inch thick (yuck).

100 coats of hair gel
Denisse Mendoza risked losing all her hair for science (ok tbh, for the curiosity of her followers) by applying 100 coats of hair gel. The experiment took over 12 hours to do and she did really lose some of her locks. Fortunately, though, she wasn’t left bald by the end of it.

100+ coats of hairspray
Valerie Christine tried to emulate a troll’s hairstyle by using 101 coats of hairspray. She created her own #hairspraymountain to see if her hair could stand up on its own. Turns out, gravity has more power than a bottle of hairspray. #science

A whole tube of mascara
Nicole Skyes dreamt up #mascaramountain after seeing #polishmountain. She went to the drugstore and picked up a bottle of her holy grail mascara (Maybelline Great Lash Big mascara, FYI) and went to work. She used up the whole tube (seriously) and discovered just how many applications a tube has. She not only found out that the magic number is 120 coats, she also gave us a whole new definition of spider lashes while she was at it.

100 layers of false eyelashes
You don’t need to understand Swedish to understand how wrong layering 100 fake eyelashes is. Nathalie and Emilie filmed what happened when you put way too many falsies on. Spoiler alert: it sort of looks like you have a caterpillar coming out of your eye (which is an image that is certainly going to give us nightmares).

100 layers of liquid eyeliner
Lizzy of WhatWouldLizzyDo did a challenge involving 100 coats of liquid eyeliner. While she’s certainly skilled at creating the perfect cat eye, by the end of the video, her wings looked like a mess. The challenge left her eyes dry and uncomfortable but Lizzy claims taking it off was a miraculous feeling, comparable to when you take off your bra at the end of the day (and we all know how good that feels).

100 coats of liquid lipsticks
Inspired by SimplyNailogical, Mayra decided to paint on 100 coats of liquid lipstick onto her lips by using 50 of her lipsticks twice over. Seeing her peel off the layers, though, is perhaps one of the most satisfying but equally disturbing things you’ll ever see. Surprisingly, her lips took all that lipstick very well, all things considered, as they weren’t left as dry as the Sahara desert afterwards.

100 layers of face mask
As a response to comments from her 100 layers of foundation video, Jeely created a 100 layers of face mask video. What better way to fix her clogged skin after that initial trauma than piling on an absurd amount of face mask? While the logic isn’t there, the ick factor (and humour) is.

100 layers of face paint
There’s been videos filled with 100 layers of foundation, highlighters, concealer… and now face paint, thanks to YouTuber Promise Phan. As an avid face paint user, she had a variety of colours in her closet. She used up 8 tubes of the stuff and piled on a different colour on every layer. It was certainly interesting to see them all mix into the pale purple that covered her face at the end of the video.

100 layers of makeup
Bethany, aka iwanted2c1video, credits being bored as the motivation behind her doing a full face of makeup with 100 layers of each product. She used foundation, mascara, lipliner and blush to create her ridiculous look. It’s safe to say she found the cure to boredom because this tutorial probably took up her whole day.

100 layers of makeup (part 2)
Samantha Martin also put her own spin on the 100 layers of makeup concept in her video. She used the (now) standard of 100 layers of foundation, mascara, blush and lipstick but then finished her look with 100 swipes of eyeshadow and even ended up filling in her eyebrows. Certainly (and thankfully) it’s a look she won’t be repeating anytime soon.

100 layers of hair extensions
Dipping her toes in the 100-layer craze, Kayley Melissa filmed herself trying out the 100 layers of hair extension challenge. Yes, it was a lot of hair (about 5 pounds worth) but the vlogger succeeded, and even finished it off in a fishtail braid which actually looked gorgeous. #mermaidgoals, anyone?

100 layers of wax

YouTuber Sean C (a.k.a. ItsYeBoi) decided to take on pretty much the most painful 100-layer-challenge in YouTube history: 100 layers of wax. Enough said. Warning: if you have a weak stomach then you probably don’t want to watch this video.